Covid Policy

Updated 11/15/2021.

In order to do our part to help keep our community safe we will ask clients to continue to wear masks, have not been sick for 10 days after onset of any cold or Covid symptoms. If you have been exposed to Covid, please get tested prior to scheduling an appointment.

If you have traveled out of state/country, please consider obtaining a Covid test 48-72 hours after returning.

Vaccinations are recommended at this time. If you have traveled out of state/country and are unvaccinated, please wait 10 days to schedule an appointment or prior to 10 days obtain a Covid test and provide a negative test.

Please wait outside and text 720-352-0678 to let us know you arrived. You will receive a text back when the room is ready. We are continuing to offer telehealth calls on a sliding scale, (free if needed as this is financially a hard time) during this time. A home exercise program with videos can be emailed to you. Please see the scheduler for details.