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Boulder Physical Therapy

We are now accepting Medicare and Medicaid at our physical therapy locations in Boulder and Denver.  Our company Neuromuscular Strategies can verify your Medicare and Medicaid benefits for you. We can also verify insurance out of network benefits. Many of our clients chose to use their out of network benefits to see a Physical Therapist of their choice.

If you have been utilizing your “insurance based” Physical Therapy benefits and have not gained the results and goals you would like, give us a call at 720-352-0678. We treat for a full hour and in a few sessions can help you achieve your health goals. As deductibles continue to rise, quite often a person is paying out of pocket until their deductible is met.

Our clinic treats for 50-60 minutes of Physical Therapy. Often paying cash for Physical Therapy, allows you to see a practitioner of choice, see    for more information.

As of 01/02/2022, the Medicare deductible is $226.00. Your secondary insurance may not cover the deductible, so please be prepared for this possibility.

Medicare has a “soft cap” of $2230.00  for PT and Speech Therapy combined and treatment beyond this cap is deemed “medically necessary”.  Medically necessary is often your referral source (MD, DO, PA-C) signing a referral for PT.

Medicaid: Medicaid requires a doctor’s prescription. As of 7/1/16, clients are provided with “a combination of 48 units of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy, or 12 hours of “Rehabilitative Services”.  The benefits will reset a year after your start date of Physical or Occupational Therapy. A hour long visit is 4 units, and in our clinic this is 12 visits.  Under certain circumstances the benefits can be extended through a Prior Authorization Request.

Your prescription can be faxed to the number below.

Fax # is (720) 441-0485 Attention Mike Kohm PT

If you have a Medicare/Medicaid combination of benefits, your Medicare and Medicaid benefits are subject to to verification.

We are in network with PHCS and Liberty Health Share.

Out of Network insurance benefits can also be billed. In and out of network benefits can be verified and a pdf of your benefit plan can be provided.  Neuromuscular Strategies will assist you in making a decision regarding being seen by a practitioner of your choice.

We are a Multiplan provider. Multiplan works with your out of network benefits as well. Check the front or back of your card for enrollment. Multiplan can help to decrease your out of network costs.

We accept cash, check, credit card, Med Pay (Auto), FSA and HSA benefits.

You can book online. If you would like to make an appointment online, try our scheduler

Boulder appointments are Monday by appointment, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Please provide 24 hours for cancellations.