An excellent physical therapist

“Mike is a cool, friendly guy with great taste in movies. He’s also an excellent physical therapist. My first session with Mike produced fantastic results, as did all subsequent visits, and his knowledge of other professionals-and willingness to recommend them-led me to get some orthotics that seriously help me. With Mike’s help I’ve gone from a ballet dancer with an injured foot-much like an opera singer who has suddenly been struck mute-to a ballet dancer who has finally been able to dance again and is shortly going to compete for scholarships in a national competition. Mike Kohm rocks!”

AD, Teacher and Choreographer at Boulder Ballet, Enjoyment Facilitator at Boulder's Dinner Theatre

The first relief from my pain in 8 years

“ Mike has helped me have a normal life again. After being in chronic foot pain for 8 years (from a botched surgery with severe nerve and blood vessel damage), I tried dry needling. I’ve been through every typical rehab procedure: PT, casts, crutches, walking boots, acupuncture, massage, orthotics, medication, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. From the very first session with Mike, I found the first relief from my pain in 8 years. It was like my foot could take a “breath” for the first time in years. My range of motion has improved significantly and I have full feeling back in my foot. As someone who thought they had exhausted all options, I can say with out a doubt Neuromuscular Strategies saved my life. I am so grateful to be able to get back in shape and live a healthy life again. Thank you, Mike!”


Your style is awesome

“You really hit the mark with my daughter.  Your blend of listening skills, knowledge-sharing on the how/why, bringing real-world sports examples, demonstrating the specific exercises, and clear-cut measurement/assessment really motivated her from the moment we met you during the first appt.   As you mentioned the first time we spoke, motivating young athletes ain’t the easiest thing in the world sometimes.” So I just wanted to say thank you.  Your style is awesome.”


Kind and astute professional

“ Mike is a kind and astute professional who provides effective and proven methods of physiological assessment and specialized treatment interventions such as Dry Needling. He offers tailored exercises that improve body mechanics and strength in measurable ways. I once saw Mike prompt an adjustment for a yoga teacher that produced pain-free increase range of motion immediately. He is able to communicate a complex understanding of his expertise of Anatomy and Physiology in ways that are helpful, practical and clear. I highly recommend Neuromuscular Strategies Physical Therapy and the work of Mike Kohm PT, BS, CYT.”

Teresa Keller, MA, LPC, CYT